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Migrant Education Newcomer Academy Fort Morgan, CO.

November 4, 2011

High school students at Migrant Education Newcomer Academy

Our demographics indicated that our secondary students require our focus of service delivery with the Graduation Goal as the primary target. We have approximately 30% of our secondary students who are NEP/LEP. Many of these students are over aged and under credited in the high school setting due to very limited or no opportunities for formal education. Our two Migrant Education/Graduation Advocates have been working to assist the students, families and schools in providing supplemental services for these students. However, it is the belief of the school district, building administration, and teachers that we must provide increasingly targeted and individualized supplemental services to better prepare our “Migrant Newcomers” for educational success. Many of the identified students have experienced no formal education, limited formal education, or large time gaps in formal education thus hindering their ability to be successful in the public education system.

In response to this identified need, the Morgan County RE-3 School District has created the Migrant Education Newcomer Academy (MENA). This program will be a supplemental transition program for students to better prepare them for graduation pathways by focusing on intense language development, academic skill building and social/cultural readiness for the school environment. Through the intake process, suggested pathways for graduation and/or completion will be explored using a flow chart that identifies four areas of criteria: age of student, number of credits earned, academic skill level, and language proficiency. Through the use of ICAP, students will be placed on an Individual Graduation Plan (Online Graduation Plan from LEARN Consortium). This plan will determine an educational pathway for each student.

The Migrant Education Newcomer Academy Director/MEGA, MEGA’s, ELL Teachers, and Community/Family Advocates will be the identified program staff working with students and families in the MENA. The staff will be responsible for assessment of needs for each student, facilitation of transitions, and providing direct services to migrant students and families. The program will communicate and develop transition plans with existing schools and the Morgan Community College Adult Basic Education program (as appropriate).

Additional resources include, but are not limited to, collaboration with OneMorgan County, Parent/Community Involvement Committee, Eastern Plains Work Force Center, and agencies through the state refugee service providers (i.e. Colorado African Organization, Jewish Family Services). The Morgan County RE-3 School District has provided a location for services and essential instructional equipment and materials to ensure success of the efforts of the program.

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