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Part II Community Partnerships

December 15, 2011

Mark Rangel highlights Successes of Migrant

 Education Newcomer Academy

The Strength of Community Partners! 


The next community partnership I would like to recognize for their commitment to the Migrant Education Newcomer Academy is The Eastern Workforce Center. Brigitte Shafer and Kortnie Mendoza have been a driving force in preparing our students to enter the workforce now and in the future.  The students are gaining an understanding how their education prepares them for life after high school and the importance of acquiring the English language. Eastern Workforce Center presents an hour lesson every Thursday to the students. The lessons are very interactive and allow for oral language development.


Eastern Workforce Center's Brigitte Shafer teaches job readiness skills to MENA students.

“The program was introduced to address an apparent need for skills development and job preparation.  Through a partnership between MENA and the Eastern Workforce Center, the program was developed and has provided a valuable connection tool for not only the staff, but for the youth within the population as well.  The fundamental duties include: the development of communication skills in English, either in a classroom setting or in a one-on-one tutoring structure.  We also provide content beyond language instruction, such as employment skills, survival skills, cultural information, or American history and citizenship facts.  We must also take into consideration the implications of the learners’ cultural differences and cultural adjustment process.  Other tasks may include any combination of materials development or selection, lesson planning, curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, and even counseling or referrals.”

Brigitte Shafer and Kortnie Mendoza

Fort Morgan Workforce Center

The students and staff are very grateful to have Brigitte, Kortnie, and the Eastern Workforce Center as a community partner

Please tell me what partnerships you have within your community. Or please contact me if you have any ideas for me about potential partnerships.

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