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Migrant Youth Leadership Institute

April 23, 2013








On April 16th the University of Northern Colorado played host to the inaugural Northern Region MYLI. Unfortunately, Mother Nature played a bad joke on us and we had several inches of snow across northern Colorado. The event however, went on as planned and we were able to provide a 1 day Leadership Institute for our migrant students grades 9th -12th. We were hoping for 140 students but due to the weather we ended up with 85 students, still a great turn out!  We would like to extend a huge thanks to our Post-Secondary partners who assisted with the event by sponsoring and donating items for the students:

Colorado Department of Education

University of Northern Colorado

University of Colorado Denver

Colorado State University

Front Range Community College

AIMS Community College

Morgan Community College

Institute of Business and Medical Careers

College in Colorado

Metro State University –CAMP

AIMS CAMP – Ft. Lupton

Regis University

Below is some more information and photos from this event


Image   Image

Image    Image

Image    Image







Opening Speaker– Chris Nieto
Chris Nieto has been conducting leadership and engagement training for over 15 years with high school-aged students through adults. Beginning with his early work with the National Hispanic Institute as a community organizer and trainer, he assisted families and volunteers t o create a long-term plan for community involvement and leadership development. Having a value for community involvement, Chris has been active with Arthritis Foundations for 8 years since his daughter was diagnosed with JRA at 9 months of age and he currently serves on their South Central Region and Texas Boards. Chris graduated from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, and is President and Founder of Qobe Group in Kyle, Texas (Austin). He is married with 2 children Mia (8) and Ana Lucia (5).

Lunch Speaker- Dr. Katrina Rodriguez
As the first in her family to attend college, Dr. Katrina Rodriguez earned her Bachelor’s Degree in General Studies and her Master’s Degree in Counseling from Northern Arizona University. She served as a student affairs professional at the University of California at Davis, the University of Arizona, and California State University at Northridge. Arriving at UNC in 1998, Dr. Rodriguez’s work encompassed professional roles in Housing and Residence Life, Women’s Resource Center, and as a founding member of the Stryker Institute for Leadership Development. After receiving her doctorate in 2004, she spent seven years as faculty in UNC’s Higher Education and Student Affairs Leadership Program. For the last two years, she serves UNC as the Assistant Vice President for Student Engagement and Dean of Students. Dr. Rodriguez believes every person has something magnificent to contribute and she is grateful to her family for instilling this value.
Title: Digital Footprints: How to stay safe, sane, and successful online.
Your digital footprint is critical to your future success. Universities you apply to may review your public posts in Facebook before deciding whether or not to award you a scholarship or accept you into their program. Your future employers will check out your online behavior before deciding to hire you. What will they find? Lori Gama, a digital native since 1995 and Online Visibility Expert, will show you why your current online behavior and activities must align with your value system in order to create a successful future. You’ll create your very own mission statement to guide you online and in life, learn online etiquette and you’ll even learn how to deal with cyber bullies.

Title: Projecting an Image of Success.
Chris Nieto. This workshop is designed for students to explore how strong communication skills can project an image of success and influence people. Students will learn various techniques in body language, posture, and public speaking in a fun, interactive setting.
Title: Lodestar: A Student’s Guide to Accomplishing Goals.
Chris Nieto. Every great explorer needs a point in the sky to guide him or her in the direction of his or her destination. This is called a lodestar. This workshop is designed to assist students create their own lodestar, or personal goals, and explore how to create effective habits to accomplish goals.

Title: Are you Politically Correct? (RUPC)
You are not the color of your skin, religion, sexual orientation or gender. You are a blend of the cultural factors that lie beneath, which create the unique “you” that you are becoming. Join us for an interactive journey into the culture of difference. Learn how to love the unique qualities that have created the wondrous you. Embrace the uniqueness in others and the sameness we all share as a part of the human race.

Title: Gangs and Drugs: What Every Teen Needs to Know
This presentation will focus on issues surrounding gangs and drugs. We’ll speak specifically about gang activities, signs and how to avoid joining gangs. There will also be a focus on the ill-effects of drugs and the many issues associated with narcotics.
Title: Strategies for Securing a Job in a Difficult Market.
Students will receive strategies for securing employment in this job market. Strategies will be tailored to teens who have had numerous challenges in gaining employment. A strong focus will be on developing networks, sources of employment and tips for standing out in the application process. Students will also be given access to Goodwill’s Job Blog and Goodwill’s Weld County Employment Leads.

Title: Character in Communication
This interactive, participatory presentation will provide a global prospective of the communication field and the importance of communication in today’s society.

Title: Creating Your Own Path
An interactive workshop that will help participants identify pathways to success in life. Students will hear inspirational stories of adults who have made their way from the fields to professional careers within society. Students will explore goal setting and decision making and the impact it has on their lives.

Title: The Power Is In You
This presentation will consist of a discussion of what personal power is, how one can harness their own power and use it to achieve their goals and dreams. Key components will include maintaining a positive attitude and a self-examination of each participants own needs, values, and goals.

MYLI 2013-1MYLI 2013-6

MYLI 2013-4MYLI 2013-40

Again, thanks to all the Post-Secondary colleges and universities who sponsored and donated as well as the Colorado Department of Education, The staff at Centennial BOCES, the Migrant Education Graduation Advocates from our region. It was a true collaborative effort to provide this wonderful learning experience to the migrant students in Northern Colorado!

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